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Ollie Babe Garza

Ollie Babe Garza

Ollie “Babe” Garza was born May 9th, 1964 in Fort Worth, Texas the second youngest of four brothers. A lifelong resident of Fort Worth, Ollie’s life changed forever one fateful homecoming weekend in October 1978. A multi-sport athlete, Ollie was following in the footsteps of his two older brothers and was destined for stardom. As Captain and Quarterback of the Freshman football team for Diamond Hill Jarvis High School, Ollie was also one of the deep backs ready to receive the opening kick-off and had no idea what was about happen. A routine play like Ollie had experienced 100’s of times since the age of 7, except this one would end differently and his life would never be the same again. Not remembering the actual moment it happened Ollie recalls having this sensation that he was floating. Several hours later in a local hospital he would come to find out that he had fractured his neck moving his spinal cord a fraction of an inch and would never walk again.

Over the past 40 years Ollie has gone on to accomplish several things most people thought were impossible. From graduating on-time with his high school class, to receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from UTA Arlington, to traveling the world as a championship winning member of the Dallas Wheelchair Sidekicks, a quad-rugby team, to working in Corporate America for over 15 years for a Fortune 500 Company, to inspiring others with stories and principles he’s learned along the way, to writing his first book, “Why Not Me?”, Ollie is an inspiration to all.

Today, Ollie spends his time giving back through serving others and is a full-time speaker and author, sharing his story and the life-changing difference between thinking “Why me?” versus “Why not me?”

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